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 Quality Policy:
 All Staff Involved     Strengthing Management
 Overall Control      Continuous Improvement
  Perfect Pursuit      Customer Satisfaction
 Focus on Prevention:
 We prevent the defects through process control.
 Zero Defect:
 Our goal to the products' quality is zero defect, and we require the involvement of all employees in order to reach the target .we can strict apply with inspection by 100% for each product manufactured.
 Reduce Process Variation:
 Through careful advanced planning, we explore the potential failure mode, evaluate the failure result and specify the oppropriate controlling method with full verification and strict implementation in order to reduce the process variation and make the process under the stable and controlled situation.
 Continuous Improvement:
 We keep continuous improvement and repeated circulations by constant pursuit and innovation to achieve the perfection on costs, quality, delivery, services and management.
 Customer Satisfaction:
 We are on basic of customer-central, all processes from the design and development phase of the product to volume shipment apply to effective project management, and we strive for the customer's satisfaction in all directions to realize win-win, or even all-win situation and promote the social harmony and progress.We prevent the defects from process control.