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 Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,China
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  Shengjia people are active and ambitious.In our minds,we only believe in"creation" a business, instead of"conservation",and believe that we have to learn being flexiable, Diversity of the market has brought us opportunities and challenges,as well as giving us new principles,goals and missions.
   We are striving to make the enterprise  more valuable and meaningful,with this purpose,we have been ready to accept rigorous challenges with high morale.Facing the challenges from both company' management and external competition with our confidence,collecting our energies and resources together,standing out from crowd in hardware manufacturing,and making"shengjia"a famous brand that is widely known in the world.
  shengjia people are self-confident and pure-hearted. we have been holding the spirit of being ambitious and practical.we really believe that we will share a successful brilliance each other in the future.