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Customer foremost
Company Philosophy: Endless Quality, Boundless Company and Brand
Company Model: To create first-class enterprise by family harmony
Company Manifesto: Although the road to success is long and rough,we believ that we are nearer to success as long as we take first step.
Employee Spirit: 
Learning - to change the fate 
Change - for future success 
Gratitude- stimulate positive energy 
Dedication - sublimate the value of life
Loyalty - the base of foothold
Cooperation - the root of endeavour 
Creation - the source of development 
Responsibility - born mission
Code of Behaviour:
 1. Effort only,no excuse.
 2. Nothing is impossible as long as any thought coming.
 3. Optimistic face any difficulty we meet, deal with any trouble in quiet.
 4. Simplify the work, but not simplistic.
 5. Quality is the sole key to success in the international market.
 6. The employees will lie the managers sit down
 7. Intelligence is more important than knowledge; quality is more important than  intelligence; awareness is more important than quality.
 8. It is not your responsibility that the employees have low quality; it is your responsibility that their quality remain the same.
 9. What the manager fears is that they know little about what they fear.
 10. It is not difficult to make us lose the will to fight, but in fact, lose the will makes us fail.