Address:Tianliao Industrial Zone,Shipai Town,
 Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,China
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  2003/6 Establishment of Shilong shengjia metal factory(shengjia's former name) in shilong town,dongugan city.
  2007/6 Establishment of Dongguan shengjia hardware products co.,ltd in shipai town,dongguan city.(Relocation)
  2009/1 Set up Foreign trade department, and started to develop the oversea market gradually with the use of foreign trade online sales platform
  2009/5 Financing to establish Dongguan Qizhan Plastics Co.,Ltd.
  2010/5 Shengjia passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification.
  2010/6 The register capital was increased from rmb30,000 to rmb1,030,000.
  2010/8 Shengjia was upgraded the qualification from “small-scale taxpayer”to“the general taxpayer"
  2010/9 Establishment of Shengjia Group Industrial Co.,Ltd in HK.
  2010/11 Obtained the Right of Import and Export for Cargo.
  2011/2 Brought in some new testing equipments and production instruments such as Salty spray tester,2D tester, Surface Rockwell hardness tester, Coating film thickness tester, one more new punching machine, Multi-axis tapping machine and so on.
  2011/5 Brought in a group of new High precision automatic lathe.
  2012/4 Brought in a group of high stroke high precision CNC.
  We groped through years of practice and experience, in 2010, as the starting point of our rapid development, we are in service/sales/product positioning, market, technology innovation, increase production facility, testing instrument, quality management, production management, cost management, efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, staff recruitment/training, the talent reserve cultivation, management concept, company development philosophy, enterprise culture construction transformation and ascension are committed to:
  1.From a single customer service (salesman) -- -- -- -- -- transformation to a 5 customer service sales team.
  2.From a single domestic trade market -- -- -- -- -- transformation to  developping overseas markets.
  3.From a low, middle-grade product -- -- -- -- -- transformation to a high grade product.
  4.From producing small products -- -- -- -- -- transformation producting of small, medium and large products.
  5.By the original testing equipment -- -- -- -- -- transformation buy/add new production and testing equipment
  6.From an imperfect management  -- -- -- -- -- to a fast/promote service, quality, technology and efficiency, streamline form management, institutionalization, documents, logo, etc.
  7.From an  implementation does not reach the designated position -- -- -- -- --to vigorously promotes each department each work effectiveness and efficiency of execution and supervision departments and the thought change.
  8.From previous simple interview -- -- -- -- -- promoted to written questions and site operation, such as assessment of ideology in different appraisal.
  9.By all for one company management idea-- -- -- -- - set into all for one management concept.
  10.From the boring working situation-- -- -- -- -- to a regular collective activities, enrich staff amateur life situation.
  11.From bad customer concept -- -- -- -- -- to a concept there are no bad customer.